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Triple Berry Shortbread Tart

Triple Berry Shortbread Tart


I just made a triple berry shortbread tart and let me tell you it is amazing (singing!)  If there is a dessert I love almost more than anything it is shortbread.  I can eat it in cookie form, bar form, raw form…..  I definitely tasted a lot of the raw dough in this one just to make sure it it tasted great!  I wonder if I should adjust the recipe for this? 🙂

These bars are made with shortbread crust on the top and bottom and Thornburg and Company’s Triple berry delight preserves!   I love that this recipe doesn’t need a special crumb topping that is different from the crust making it less work for me!  Using preserves also makes this a great recipe to have on hand since it works with so many things you already have in your pantry and refrigerator and it is insanely delicious.  This dessert is usually made in a square or rectangular pan for bars but I thought I would jazz it up using a tart pan to give it those pretty crimped edges.  You can really use either!  You can make this for just your family or for a special occasion.  I also think a large scoop of vanilla or hazelnut ice cream would work well if you really want it to be decadent..

Anyway you do it it is amazing!  Give it a try and let me know how you like it!


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