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Quick and Delicious Asian Vegetable Salad

Quick and Delicious Asian Vegetable Salad

Well, if you are anything like me you are always looking for that yummy lunch to turn to that takes minimal effort.  That something to look forward to mid day that brings you joy just thinking about it.  Well, this salad is that lunch!  I love simple and easy dishes that anyone can make and that taste great!  This salad takes 5 minutes (mostly the dressing) and can be assembled ahead of time to have all week long whether at work or at home!  Oh and the dressing!  It is sooo good!  I actually think the lettuce is merely a vehicle to eat this amazing dressing πŸ™‚ You can make this dish even easier by buying pre-mixed Asian salad lettuce bags at the store but just ditch their dressing πŸ˜‰  Give this a try and let me know your thoughts!



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