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Olive Oil and Parmesan Bread

Olive Oil and Parmesan Bread

Well, I do not know about you but when I go to a restaurant, one of the things my family and I enjoy is the amazing bread that comes out before a meal.  We usually have to be careful not to eat too much so we don’t ruin our appetites but even when we do it is always totally worth it 🙂  I decided to try to make a version of some of my favorite restaurant bread (no surprise it is Italian..) 🙂 and I have to say it is AMAZING!  By purchasing the bread already baked, putting this together was a breeze.  The addition of olive oil, a little butter, oregano and Parmesan make this bread so delicious.  The inside stays nice and soft and the outside is like eating a yummy Parmesan crusty bread.  Be careful trying this because it is addictive!

Olive Oil and Parmesan Restaurant Style Bread


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