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Indian Vegetable Curry

Indian Vegetable Curry


One of our favorite dishes that is in our dinner rotation is Indian curry!  We are huge fans of Indian food, always have been for as long as I can remember.  The spices that are in the curry are just amazing and make anything you throw into this dish taste great.  Thinking back on a funny story, when my husband and I were first starting out we were living in an apartment downstairs from an Indian couple who was also newly married.  We were friends with this couple and they knew how much we loved Indian food and that we cooked a lot of it! One day, the wife frantically knocked on my door to ask me for help cooking Indian food…. WHAT? Your asking me?  I am Italian and Irish and figured this out on my own and you are Indian and asking me?  LOL  Well, she just found out her mother in law from India was coming over to the US for a visit and she had never cooked Indian food.  It was a secret that they kept from the family…   I laughed and of course helped her learn the spices, where to buy them and how to use them.  I did caution her that from what I had seen on cooking shows and read, every family has different spice blends so in the end she probably wouldn’t please the MIL but at least she could show her that she could cook Indian food 🙂 I still laugh about this every time I think about i 🙂

Well, back to the recipe 🙂

We usually make our curry with chicken but this time we used only vegetables and I can honestly say that not one thing was missing from the flavor this way 🙂  To really enhance the flavor of the vegetables I decided to try roasting them in the oven first with curry powder and it really made this taste better than any other curry I have made (and I have made many) 🙂  To serve with the curry, I like to make Basmati rice with a few smashed cardamom pods (this is optional) and a side of poppadoms which I just love!



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