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Homemade Eggnog

Homemade Eggnog


Eggnog is one of those wonderful delicious drinks that you cannot explain how it tastes to someone other than it is just wonderful!  When I was growing up my family would buy our eggnog from a place called the Farmstore in Florida.  It was a drive thru convenient store with the freshest milk, eggs and of course during the holidays, the most amazing fresh and tastiest eggnog.  Their eggnog was homemade fresh eggnog without the usual fake liquor flavor that stores always put in their drinks.  I think there are still a few farm store locations around but unfortunately  not where I live.  I have tried every brand of eggnog that I can find hoping that it would taste like the Farmstore eggnog but I have never had any luck.  So, I decided this year to make my own and you know what it, couldn’t be easier.  Now traditionally eggnog uses raw eggs mixed with sugar and cream and then liquor was added to kill any bacteria.  Well, I do  not like the liquor flavor in my eggnog so this version is cooked eggnog and it tastes the same as the raw version only it doesn’t have the possibility of it having bacteria from the raw eggs.  A great choice for serving to family and friends, especially the elderly and woman who are pregnant.  Go ahead and give it a try and you will never buy store bought again!



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