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Easy and Delicious Citrus Snowball Cookies

Easy and Delicious Citrus Snowball Cookies


Years ago I decided there had to be a better way to work with those left over scraps that you end up with when rolling out cookies.  I of course always do that one re-roll to get as many cookies out of my recipe as possible but there were still scraps of dough left.  One year I decided to just roll these scraps into little balls and bake them in the oven.  When they come out I would roll them in some powdered sugar when they  were still nice and warm so they would absorb that yummy sweetness.  You know what, these are the most sought after cookies in our family and I even make the cookies straight from the dough now, not even waiting to have scraps!  I love when things come together like this 🙂   This is the same dough I use for my holiday cookie recipe when I am making shapes.   It originally comes from Epicurious and there are only a few changes in the recipe since I didn’t want to ruin it 🙂  It can be a tricky dough to work with because it is a little drier than most dough that you work with but let me tell you it is worth it for the flavor!  Give this recipe a try and you will have a new favorite cookie!


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