Better Provisions Products

Better Provisions Products


Better Provisions Products are all made with heritage grain or ancient grain ingredients, including the oldest recorded grain on record, Einkorn. Each product has a different and unique flour that has been chosen based on it complimenting  the baking mix in terms of taste, texture and application to give the user the best results and access to these amazing grains. Restaurant Chefs know how to do this but we think the home cook and baker should have access to these amazing varieties of flour too and not just the standard whole wheat and all purpose flour at the store (all made from the same 2 varieties of wheat). Some of the flour varieties we use include, Einkorn, Emmer and Sonora. We can actually tell you where your flour and grains came from, it’s history and that it is always sustainable or it does not get grown by the local farmers here in Texas.  In addition to the heritage and ancient grain flours we use, we source as many of our ingredients locally and all (including packaging are from the USA).

We currently only sell our products in Texas but will soon be expanding to include the rest of the US.

Some of our products include:


  • Ancient Grain Vanilla Pancakes Mix
  • Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Pancakes Mix
  • Vanilla Bean Shortbread Mix
  • Heritage Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix
  • Ancient Grain Pie Crust Mix
  • Heritage Grain All Purpose Baking Mix

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