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Bullet Journal Shopping List

Bullet Journal Shopping List


Have you heard of bullet journals before?  It is a great way to organize yourself without any formal planner that you would usually buy at the store.  You just take a plain paper journal and start writing down everything on your to do list whether it is a task an idea, etc.  From there you organize your journal by assigning bullets of varying styles.  So you may have an #, * , and – to represent tasks, events and ideas.  If you want to learn more there are tons of sites online that explain the concept but the idea is that it is easier to scan your “to do lists” and not be confined to trying to organize your thoughts into pre-made sections that normal planners provide.

Well, I have taken this idea and applied it to my shopping list some 2 years ago and I can’t tell you what a life saver this has been for me.  I can write any grocery item down on my list of paper when I am planning my meals for the week and right before I am ready to go shopping I just quickly make symbols next to different parts of the store (meat section gets an *, produce items are circled, food found in the center isles of the store get nothing…) and this is such a time saver when shopping.  I no longer have to keep going through and carefully running through my list over and over because all I have to do is scan for the symbols.  This has been a real game changer for me and I never forget anything at the store anymore because my grocery items don’t get overlooked.  I also have never found a shopping list pre-made that fits my grocery style.  There is either never enough space for produce or dairy or your items can change week to week.

I encourage you to give this method a try and I am sure it will help tremendously!  I have included a sheet with helpful tags in case you need that but you can just write on your own paper and use your own symbols.

To download the sample list:

bullet journal shopping list

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