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Spaghetti alla Sorellina

Spaghetti alla Sorellina


While I am sitting here sipping my morning coffee, I am thinking about this pasta dish I created last night, inspired by one of my favorite pizza places here in the Texas Hill Country called Pizzeria Sorellina.  Their pizza has N’duja sausage, chili oil, stracciatella cheese and so many other goodies on top.  The chili oil gives it lots of spiciness which is calmed by the creamy stracciatella cheese.  To recreate this pizza in a pasta form I wanted to capture all of the different elements that make this pizza amazing.   I think I did a pretty great job because it was voted as the best pasta dish that I have made, by my family (and I have made many good ones).  Some of the ingredients are just not easy to come by so I improvised a bit to get the key flavors right and to make this a dish that everyone can make.  You should be able to find all of these ingredients in your grocery store as I did and after that it really is just about assembling it after you cook your pasta.

This dish makes a great meal for that someone special in your life whether it is you or your significant other 🙂


[lt_recipe name=”Spaghetti alla Sorellina” servings=”4″ prep_time=”15M” cook_time=”10M” total_time=”25M” difficulty=”easy” print=”yes” ingredients=”1 box (1lb) of good quality spaghetti (like DeCecco);;1/4 pound of finely sliced Serrano Ham (you can find this in the deli section of your grocery store);;2 tbsp of minced red chili peppers in oil (you can find this in the Italian or Spanish section of your grocery store);;1 clove of garlic minced;;1 tbsp of olive oil;;1 package (1 pint) of cherry tomatoes;;1 package of stracchino cheese (you will find this near the fresh mozzarella in your grocery’s fine cheese section);;” ]Bring a large pot of water to a boil. In a large saute pan over medium heat, add your minced garlic, your olive oil and the 2 tbsp of chili peppers with their oil (from what you scoop out of the jar). Saute for a few minutes. Now add your tomatoes and your salt and cook so that the tomatoes begin to soften and just begin to burst. Once this happens, turn your heat to the lowest setting while it waits for the pasta. ;When your pasta water comes to a boil add a heaping handful of salt, your pasta and cook according to the instructions on the box for al dente. Once the pasta is finished cooking, scoop out about a cup of water with a mug and set aside then drain your pasta. Add 1/2 of your reserved pasta water to the tomatoes and chili oil and mix well. Now add your pasta to the pan with the tomatoes and toss your pasta around well to get it nice and coated in the chili olive oil mixture. Add a little bit of the reserved pasta water if it looks dry. Now take a fork and lightly twirl the spaghetti in the pan in 5-6 different spots to create little nests for the cheese to rest inside. Now, with a regular spoon, scoop out a spoonful of your cheese (it is very creamy and sticky) and put it in each well that you made with your fork. Once you have done this, turn off your heat and cover the pasta for 2 minutes to let the cheese melt a little. Remove the lid after 2 minutes and take your Serrano ham slices and gently fold over the pasta that does not have any cheese. Keep doing this until no more ham will fit on top. ;;Serve with a nice green salad and red wine![/lt_recipe]

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