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Pear and Brown Sugar Cake

Pear and Brown Sugar Cake

A few weeks ago, I wanted to add some new staple items to my pantry that would help with some of those last minute impromptu baking ideas that we like to come up with in our house. We usually stock the basics like flour, sugar, chocolate chips….. but I wanted to buy items that we don’t usually have on hand and that can make a quick dessert.  I wanted something that was yummy but effortless. After looking around the baking section of my local grocery store (which I highly recommend everyone take some time to do since we often shop so quickly and miss a lot) I realized that I never buy boxed cake mix, usually because it doesn’t taste as good as homemade.  This trip though, they had a great organic cake mix brand on sale and I trusted all of the ingredients in the box.  In addition to the cake mix, I also decided to stock up on canned fruit (another thing I don’t usually buy). I bought pears and pineapples among others.

So last week, the impromptu baking urge arose and I decided to take my new pantry ingredients and use the idea of a pineapple upside down cake (which I have never made but hey it’s pineapple upside down in the pan- I’ve got this) and  try that out with pears and cake mix.  With the addition of some brown sugar and butter in the baking pan that the pears sat on top before pouring over the batter, this dessert came out so delicious and is now a new favorite in our house!  The cake is so moist, the pears and top of the cake are so nice and buttery and caramelized from the brown sugar and it was so ridiculously easy to make. I will definitely be stocking up on these pantry staples again for us or for last minute guests coming over!

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