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Austin Texas Sandwich (“Easy Tiger” copy cat sandwich)

Austin Texas Sandwich (“Easy Tiger” copy cat sandwich)

For those who have never been to Austin or to the Easy Tiger restaurant there, it is a must visit because of their amazing food.  At first glance, it really does not seem like much with only a few food offerings compared to most restaurants that you visit; I usually like to have a lot of options to choose from when I eat out. I ended up ordering their roast beef sandwich and let me tell you my mouth was singing! Who would have thought that just a couple of unique ingredients could make a sandwich so amazing? The real stars for me are the aioli and the pickled vegetables. If you have never seen these pickled veggies before (usually only Italian families buy these) they look like this:

After stuffing my mouth with this little taste of heaven I began writing down everything I could about the sandwich so that I could recreate it at home.

Here is my version and I PROMISE you that you are gonna love it!

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