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Better Provisions

Better Provisions


Better Provisions is a product line of baking mixes made with heritage and ancient grain flour. 

Why Better Provisions?

Better Provisions wants to replace the baking mixes that are available in the grocery stores that are made with the same few flours.  Even when the consumer does not buy baking mixes and they want to bake from scratch, they are left shopping for the same types of flour: All purpose, Whole wheat, Whole wheat white, cake etc.  Nowhere is there any mention of the variety of flour or unique varieties available for different baking applications.

Each big flour manufacturer (not naming names) makes their own blend of flour usually from hard and soft white wheat and that is all we know and it tends to be flavorless.  

When you work with more than one type of flour variety, you find that each has a very unique flavor profile and is very different from all purpose flour. When you purchase baking mixes at the stores, they are almost always using regular all purpose flour as well.

We think the consumer should have access to the many varieties of ancient and heritage grain flour available.  We at Better Provisions are able to make these types of mixes for the consumer because we are a small batch company so we do not have to do any of our work in bulk or to meet high profit margins or answer to share holders.  We are all about educating the consumer about there being more to baking and cooking than the flours in the store.


Just some of the health benefits from the Flour we use:

  • Some of flour, especially our Ancient Grain Einkorn, has a very low gluten count and its gluten is different than gluten in all other wheat. Many people with sensitiveness are able to use this type of flour.
  • Higher amounts of nutrients since our flour is either whole wheat or minimally processed.  In addition, with the flour we use that is whole wheat, the bran and germ is left behind with the flour during the milling and not extracted, dried and then placed back like many of the big producers often do which strips the wheat of it’s natural oils.
  • Is organic and not genetically modified wheat which means we know the seed stock, the farmer and the miller! We know where are wheat comes from and it’s history.